ARTICLE: Why Is Linkin Park Being Vilified For Exploring New Sounds?

This might be an unpopular opinion but Linkin Park has been on fire lately. The two songs they have released so far from their upcoming new album One More Light were exceptionally good. It might be more pop-sounding than what the fans have been used to from the band, but at the same time, one cannot deny the courage this band have to take chance on a new sound.

The thing is, this progression is not really surprising from them. Since their album Minutes To Midnight in 2007, the band has been noticeably pushing the envelope when it comes to experimenting with their music. Not a lot of fans liked that and since then, the band has been the most mocked band in the music industry that is not named Nickelback.

If you go on their videos on Youtube and if you go around on social media and searched things about the band, you will see a lot of people who are clamoring for them to return to their “original” sound, a reference to the band’s style on their debut album Hybrid Theory. But the thing is, they cannot and they will not be able to. It has been said a million times before that music is a reflection of where an artist or a person are in their stage of their life. So as much as we want to, I honestly do not think we can force an artist to feel the way they have felt when they wrote a particular song from a point of their life. It is just not possible.

People mature and they change and that reflects on what they do. If the band is happy in their current stage of life, it would not make sense for them to sing about being angry and depress like they did when they first came into the scene. They are in better position in their lives, they have been clean (specifically Chester) and are enjoying the fruits of their hard work. It would sound so pretentious if they release music with the same themes and sounds like they did with their first two releases.

Yes, they will be forever associated with nu metal but the band have said it themselves time and time again that since the beginning, they did not want to be pigeon-holed and boxed into a certain genre. As much as the fans does not like that, it is how they are. Unless you are going to commission them to write something specifically like the musicians during Mozart’s time, we really cannot control the creative thinking of these artists.

We have no right to try. This is their work, their heart and soul, and it is only for your entertainment. You can connect with it and feel it as much as you like but it is not your music, its theirs. Its their expression, their way of conveying what is in their souls, in their hearts and in their minds. It is how they feel on this juncture of their life and it is really not our right, as music consumers, to tell them what to and not to write about.

In conclusion, I think the band is doing great in progressing their sound. Besides the above-mentioned debut album and its follow up Meteora, the band has not released a similar sounding albums since then. I really love that they are trying to push themselves creatively and are experimenting well in each and every album they put out. It’s been a fun ride and I really hope the ride never stops. I am looking forward to the new album and quite excited to see where they take this ride next. And even if it take us to a turn that we might not like, we have to give them props for even exploring an uncomfortable territory.

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