SONG PREMIERE: Stone Temple Pilots – “Meadow”

Stone Temple Pilots has premiered their new song recently. You can check out the stream for their song “Meadow” which they feature their new vocalist Jeff Gutt who was formerly on the nu metal band Dry Cell and participated on the reality show X-Factor.

Gutt has the following to say about being chosen as the legendary band’s singer:

“I was probably 16 or 17 when ‘Core‘ came out and I just remember how Scott could cater to the song and create these characters. That blew me away. I was really studying singers at the time and Scott was at the top of the list. So walking in on that first day, it was crazy. I mean, you have dreams about things like this. I still feel a little Mark Wahlberg–ish.”

Guitarist Dan DeLeo has the following to add:

“You know, Mr. Weiland paved quite a way. Because not just anybody can sing this catalog. You need someone who really knows how to sing. And Jeff kind of has it all, man. He has that baritone, and he’s also able to get into that tenor world. He’s a real singer.”

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