SONG PREMEIRE: Vile Ones – “Bait & Collar”

Vile Ones, the new band consisting of current Oh, Sleeper vocalist Micah Kinard and ex-Scarlet members Randy Vanderbilt and Andreas Magnusson, has premiered their new song recently. You can check out the stream for their song “Bait & Collar” below. The song is from the band’s upcoming debut EP Teeth which is due out on January 5th via Good Fight Music/eOne Music.

Vocalist Kinnard has the following to say about the band:

“The band is an outlet for all of us to write untethered to trends, concepts, or styles. To just vent whatever we want unabashedly. We all thrive off of collaboration and Vile Ones has created a new and exciting blank-canvas in which to backboard whatever random inspirations may spark within us. We each respect each other’s craft and contributions immensely making it really exciting to see which of these little sparks turn to fire in a release.”

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