ALBUM STREAM: Bleacher Days – “I Only Saw True Purpose”

Avon, Massachusetts pop-punk band Bleacher Days is now streaming their new EP I Only Saw True Purpose in its entirety. You can check that out below.

Vocalist Wren Mohammed has the following to say about the EP:

“‘I Only Saw True Purpose’ is the product of frustration resulting from our lives and our relationships. The songs are a blunt chronicle of the back end of a 7 year relationship I was in. Start to finish, each song is just frustration. Frustration with putting yourself in shitty situations (Once Again). Frustration with dealing with a partners shady behavior (Losing Patience). Frustration and anger when confronting the facts you might have once unconsciously chose to ignore (All Out War). Frustration and sadness having to learn that despite all your effort, despite accepting someone for all their flaws and loving them anyway, despite giving them everything you have, they still might do you dirty (Demons). Frustration that moving on is a necessary step, and realizing plans you may have had for the future with someone simply won’t come to fruition (Some Strain Of You). Frustration felt when looking back, dissecting every single wrong move either of you made…so there is no shortage of angst on this record.

The period when we were writing the songs was for sure a rough time, but it was a complete catharsis honestly. Our producer Chris had a much larger part in the writing process, and the songs are all SO much better for it. He’s a really talented guy, and we learned a lot when we recorded with him, so we’re lucky to have him on our team. Recording the songs definitely helped us all cope with what we were individually going through at the time as well. So even though frustration is what drove its conception, in the end we all came out much healthier and wiser people, and we hope each listener feels that with each listen.”

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