NEWS: Suicidal Tendencies Finish Tracking New EP

Suicidal Tendencies has posted a congratulatory post for their friend/engineer Paul Northfield regarding the birth of his granddaughter. In the same post, the band has also revealed that they are have finished a new EP that should be out next year. You can check out that post below.

Congratulations and huge thanks to Paul Northfield.
Paul first worked with ST in the STudio back in 1992 when he was the Engineer for “The Art of Rebellion”.
He’s worked on many releases since then including laST years release, “World Gone Mad”.
Anyhow, congratulations to him and his family as he is now a Grandfather as his daughter gave birth to a baby girl.
Huge Thanks as he came out to help ST finish the “E.P.” and fine tune the new “Nuthouse STudio”, knowing she could deliver any time. Well 2 days before we were finishing he got the call, so he switched his flight to yesterday morning and worked all night to finish it and although it was full on, we got it done! (more on that later).
And Paul made it back to Canada right before the baby was born!
So a happy ending for his family and the ST family!

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