NEWS: Turncoat Announce Breakup

Michigan melodic hardcore band Turncoat has announced that they are calling it a day this year. The band has hinted that they might be releasing a final song and there’s a possibility of them doing a few more shows before they fully hang it up. You can check out what guitarist Keith has posted on the band’s Facebook page regarding this announcement below.

I’ve typed this out more times than I can count. Yet I’ve never been able to bring myself to go through with posting this.
This year we’re hanging it up. It comes as no big surprise to those of you who noticed we’ve been silent for the better part of the last 6 months and unusually inactive. Something NONE of us wanted. This band has taken us to places none of us imagined either. We have met countless people who have left such an impact. The friends we’ve made out here and the time we’ve shared has been nothing short of incredible. We are still potentially putting out another song as well as a handful of shows before we go. If you give a damn we still have tons of merch on bandcamp, Eulogy webstore, ect.
I tried my best to take my own personal feeling out of this and just keep it simple, but let’s be honest this sucks. -Keith

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