NEWS: Vocalist Ben English Leave Invent, Animate

Vocalist Ben English has announced his departure from Texas-based metalcore band Invent, Animate recently. Citing homesickness and burnout as the reason for his departure, he penned the following post below on the band’s official Facebook page.

A new year, and like everything else in life, a new year brings change and growth. I’ve spent the last six years of my life with some of my favorite musicians and some of my best friends on the planet, and it’s hard to say this in any way, so I’ll just say it. My time with Invent Animate has come to end.

Being in a band and traveling across the world was the dream, and I was just living in it. Over time, the strains of being away from home so much and the stress that it brought to me mentally and physically took its toll on me. I started to lose myself on the road. I started to question things that I would have never questioned. The fire that once drove me, isn’t what it once was. And the guys noticed that, and don’t deserve that, not after everything that we’ve been through. I need to take the time to find that fire again, to find that source of whatever it may be, that I felt so long ago. This wasn’t an easy decision, that’s for damn sure. It was an emotional, mutual, bittersweet decision. And i’d be a lying fool if I said i won’t miss it, and i won’t miss all of you, and all of the friends that I made along the way.

I’m not sure what the future holds for me, but being back home in Lumberton, Texas and being surrounded by friends and family is right where I want to be right now – I want to thank my best friends, Keaton, Caleb, and Trey for allowing me to be the voice and the words of the unstoppable force that is Invent Animate, and giving me that outlet for so many years.

And a big thank you to our whole team who has grinded and worked their ass off for this band from the ground up. And lastly I want to thank every single person who showed support for me and the guys on the road or just by picking up a cd. I’ll truly never forget the times we had, and the amazing people I’ve met through music. Thanks for the memories, and nothing but love to all of you. Invent Animate 2018 is truly going to be something special, and I’ll be cheering on my boys til the day I’m in the ground. Endless love to all of you.

– Ben

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