ALBUM STREAM: The Creptter Children – “Asleep With Your Devil”

Melbourne, Australia metal band The Creptter Children is now streaming their new EP Asleep With Your Devil in its entirety. You can check that out below. The EP was released last Friday, January 12th via Imminence Records.

Vocalist/guitarist Iballa Chantelle comments:

“Asleep With Your Devil, to me, is just the beginning of oeuvre and artistic expression that will follow. This new EP offers fans a tantalising sample of the direction The Creptter Children’s musical journey will take them too in the future. After spending many long nights working very hard in the studio on this EP, I was quite pleased to hear the end result. As an artist I can be my own worse critic and will always pick out my flaws. However, I can say I was rather content with the final product and look forward to the next endeavour. My mind never sleeps and I am putting together new song ideas as we speak”

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