NEWS: A Reason To Breathe Post Statement Regarding Their Future

Since the release of their album An Ocean Inside of Me, things has been dormant in the camp of Spanish metalcore band A Reason To Breath. The band recently broke their silence and penned a lengthy post to explain why the band has quiet for a while now.

In the post, the band has claimed that Luxor Records, the record label that band signed with prior to the release of the above-mentioned album, has failed to fulfill their obligations written on the contract the band signed. An excerpt from the post revealed that the label has failed to give the band the necessary funds to pay the remaining balance from the band’s music video shoot expenses. The band wrote:

As time passed, we realized that not everything that glitters is gold, because at the end of 2016 we asked Luxor Records the possibility of shooting a music video (which corresponded to us by contract) and we sent them a fixed budget €1,600 ($1,950) for the production costs of the video.

A proposal that was submitted and later accepted by the record label itself. On November 29, 2016, we received an advanced amount of $960 from Luxor Records, given that the company producing the video required an advance for the preparation of all the details and rents of material. In April we finished the recording of our music video.

Unfortunately and to our surprise, when we sent the final preview of the video to the label, the real hell began. Month after month, we requested the payment of the remaining amount agreed in the budget for the production of the video ($990). Meanwhile, the only answers we received from Luxor Records were fictitious payment terms that never came.

The band then revealed that after the incident above, the record label have dropped them from the roster. The band posted:

After six months of us asking to pay the remaining amount and receiving only absurd responses and lies, in October we were told that they have terminated the contract between both parties alleging absurd reasons related to the direction of the project, questioning our music and the quality of the music video and throwing away months of hard work.

The band has also revealed that while they were in contract with the label, the only real support they have received from them was a lyric video for their song “C.O.D.Y. 2.0.” and the partial payment for the latter music video. The band has also revealed that the label never gave them a single dime from the sales of the album they have released with them. For the rest of the post, check it out here.

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