NEWS: Hellyeah Half-Way Through Recording New Album

In interview with Jose Mangin at this year’s NAMM, Hellyeah has revealed that they are almost half-way done with their upcoming sixth album. Legendary drummer Vinnie Paul has the following to say regarding the progress the band have made in their recording:

“I’m gonna say we’re getting close to about half way. We got in and really grinded a lot of music out, and it’s amazing, man. I mean every record since ‘Blood For Blood‘ has just been a big, gigantic mountain for us to build and build and this one has already reached a plateau that I know is gonna be… It’s gonna be able to top ‘Unden!able‘. Unfortunately we have a higher paying customer [at the studio] that came in and bumped us out for a month or two, kind of slowed us down a little, but we’re gonna be getting back in soon.”

For the rest of the interview in which Paul along with guitarists Tom Maxwell and Christian Brady talked about their latest gear, check out the video below.

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