SONG PREMIERE: Krosis – “Malestrom”

Raleigh, North Carolina metal band Krosis has premiered their new song recently. You can check out the stream for their song “Malestrom” below. The song is from the band’s upcoming new album Solem Vatem which is due out on March 9th via Unique Leader Records.

Guitarist Adam Thiessen commented:

“When ‘Malestrom’ was written, it was done so with our more tech-death influences in mind. Of course we stay true to our deathcore side as well, but who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too. We wanted it to sound hectic, like you didn’t really know where the song wanted to go, yet it all still flowed together. This is also the second time we have explored a bit of a strange tuning. We played 6 of the 7 strings in drop G, but we dropped the low G to an E. It really allows us to achieve a nice contrast between the thickness of E and the higher strings in G. It is also the second time I have personally gotten to explore my crazier sounding screams, which have only been heard before the final breakdown in our song “Feed”. Overall the song is just crazy and we hope everyone goes fucking ape shit for it.”

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