Contending Premiere Music Video For “The Storm”

Culpeper, Virginia metalcore band Contending have premiered their new music video recently. You can check out the video for their song “The Storm” below. The song is from the band’s latest EP From Ashes.

Bassist Jason Jones commented:

“The song, ‘The Storm’ was written very shortly after I lost one of my best friends to suicide. Adam was more than just a friend, he was a life line for me when I needed someone that understood my history, understood my anxiety, understood PTSD and could relate. Losing him crushed me in more ways then I can explain but losing him was a catalyst for me to get better because, I realized… if Adam could succumb to drugs and depression then the pain killers and depression I was dealing weren’t going to get me far. His memory and the memories we shared along with the memories I get to make with my family and friends every day are what drive me, and I thank him for that. The video is such an incredible honor for us to share and our intention was to share my story as best we could – and I think it does just that. David took our idea and brought it to life, we’re very excited to share it. It’s a dope song!”

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