A Friend, A Foe Premiere Music Video For “Rat”

Las Vegas, Nevada rock band A Friend, A Foe have premiered their new music video recently. You can check out the video for their song “Rat” below.

The band commented:

“‘Rat’ was written about the unfortunate & all too common situation of a parent abandoning their children, or in this case specifically, an absent father. Although, we feel the themes can apply to any instance of a parent choosing to leave their family. A lot of the lyrics deal with the feelings of anger towards the father for leaving as many do, at the drop of a dime, with no questions to be answered, and the rest of the family left to pick up the pieces themselves. This is made evident in naming the song after a rodent, painting an image of the father as a sort of dirty, selfish, and cowardly person. The lyric, ‘You rat, take what you can, does it make you feel like a man?,’ really digs into this. We’d like to point out that this song isn’t about something anyone in A Friend, A Foe has experienced personally, but unfortunately something that many people that we know have, including our friend Josh Wilson of the band Distinguisher, who appears on the track. Also we like pet rats.”

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