Hold Fast Hope Streaming New EP “Traitors”

Long Island, New York post-hardcore band Hold Fast Hope is now streaming their new EP Traitors in its entirety. You can check that out below. The EP was released today, March 30th.

The band commented:

“Traitors PT I” came first in the writing process, the main riff was brought to us by our drummer, Dan, who had been sitting with a guitar for a little bit. His influence definitely made that the heaviest track on the record, by far. We had a blast in the studio with PT I while we were making different sound effects for the bridge section. All the extra noise you hear was us basically throwing around & smacking a guitar that was being processed through so many layers of reverb & modulation you couldn’t even tell what it was. The opener, “Ripple”, was written after we had met and started listening to the guys in Gates (Pure Noise Records). We wanted to write something that, although wasn’t as heavy or distorted, could carry the same emotional strength as the other EP tracks. “Fade” was without a doubt the single, it fell together so simply in the beginning and we were able to expand on it from there. In the studio, our producer decided he didn’t feel enough of a “punch” from the bridge section we had written at the time, so our guitarist, also named Dan, had to improvise something of a guitar solo on the spot, which really ended up tying the song together in the end.”

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