Otep Announce Details For Upcoming New Album

Otep have announced the details for their upcoming new album Kult 45 recently. Self-produced by the band at The Lair in Los Angeles, California, the band have previously announced that they have used several equipment that they had for their album Sevas Tra. The outfit stated that they decided to use the same equipment to reconnect their sound from their roots.

Vocalist and namesake Otep Shamaya have the following comment regarding the album:

“You can expect a complete and total mutiny of the senses on Kult 45. That said, it’s important for fans to know that this record is not just an indictment of Trump. The idea is rather to empower people to stand up and remind them this is our country and we have the power. It’s primarily a rallying cry for people with common sense and good-natured patriots to rise up and know that we own this nation.”

Although the album is produced well technically, lyrically, it’s very raw. Musically, we explore different genres – we’re trying to reach everyone. I don’t want to be limited to one genre or to be anchored to a particular space where I can only reach certain political minds. It’s important to me that I’m sending a clear and concise message to the Resistance – the people out there bending the barricades and fighting for justice is this country.”

The band have also unveiled the cover art and track-listing for the album. You can check both out below.

01 – “Hail To The Thief”
02 – “Halt Right”
03 – “Molotov”
04 – “Said The Snake”
05 – “Undefeated”
06 – “Trigger Warning”
07 – “Cross Contamination”
08 – “Shelter In Place”
09 – “Boss”
10 – “To The Gallows”
11 – “Sirens Calling”
12 – “Invisible People”
13 – “Be Brave”
14 – “Wake Up” (Rage Against The Machine cover)
15 – “Feral Oracle” (bonus track)
16 – “The Tribe Speaks” (bonus track)

Lyrically, Shamaya did not held back. A press release from the label summed up the lyrical theme of this upcoming release:

“Otep does not hold back on Kult 45, pointing out all sorts of political duplicities and leaving them in their wake. The band explodes on aggressive, adamant anthems like “Halt Right” and “Molotov“, which act as timely outcries against the recent resurgence of hate groups.

Tracks like the in-your-face “Cross Contamination” explore the hypocrisy of the evangelical right giving Trump a pass on his infidelities, and cherry-picking scriptures to fit their ideologies. “Invisible People” approaches immigration issues while pointing a strong finger at Trump, the electronically-charged “Boss” aims to break, fight, and redefine gender roles, and “Trigger Warning” targets rape culture – specifically Stanford rapist Brock Turner -with a vengeance.

“Shelter In Place” investigates the topic of school shootings, specifically. “This song is extremely important to me because it was inspired by the bravery of those Parkland students who formed the March For Our Lives,” says Shamaya. “The outro is, ‘hey hey NRA, how many kids did you kill today?’ because they’ve actively taken measures to make our kids less safe in school.

They want to arm teachers, they want to put more guns in schools and on the street. The song itself isn’t specifically anti-gun, but aimed at the hypocrisy of the NRA and certain belief systems that lose sight of what’s truly important – the lives of our children.”

The album pre-closes with a cover of “Wake Up” – an homage to political music icons, major Kult 45 writing inspiration, and original track recording artists Rage Against The Machine – as well as a unique finisher, “The Tribe Speaks“, featuring recorded voicemails from fans expressing how OTEP‘s music has changed their lives.

“In the voicemails people say they feel empowered, that the music saved them,” explains Shamaya. “They told us that they discovered their identities with our music. There was a girl who said that she considered committing suicide and that our music pulled her out of that. These were all based on last album, and I think that this album will have a similar impact on people. These are so moving – it’s what keeps me fighting. Really.”

“We want to empower people,” ends Shamaya. “This album wasn’t written to only wake people up, it’s meant to carbonate people with the hope and confidence that they can make a difference.”

The initial pre-order is now up this site. The album is due out on July 27th via Napalm Records.

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