VIDEO PREMIERE: Skorched – “Bury You Breathing”

Melbourne, Australia nu metal band Skorched have premiered their new music video recently. You can check out the video for their song “Bury You Breathing” below.

One of its faceless members commented:

New single “Bury You Breathing” is essentially a song about ourselves, as self-involved as that may come across. It’s very much a statement that we are here to deliver our own take on the music that has deeply influenced and shaped us all individually, which continues to influence us to this day. Put simply, Bury you Breathing is a mission statement of sorts that we are confident and we are coming. Obviously with the recent resurgence of Nu Metal, and Nu Metal somewhat engraining itself into other aspects of heavy music, this song speaks to how this is something that never left our musical blood and we aren’t merely jumping on a “flavour of the week” for a cheap attempt at popularity. We are here to stay – regardless of how loved or laughed at we may be during the process.

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