NEWS: Death Ray Vision Announce New Album

Massachusetts hardcore band Death Ray Vision have announced that they are heading back to the studio this September to record their new album. Entitled Negative Mental Attitude, the sophomore effort will be recorded at the Mad Oak Studio with producer Benny Grotto. The album is expected to be release in late 2018 via Bullet Tooth Records.

Bassist Mike D’Antonio commented on the title:

It’s a playful jab at the Hardcore scene, in a way. There’s a lot of people who preach a ‘positive mental attitude’ and they practice anything but that.

Guitarist Pete Cortese added:

We don’t really have a lot of good moods on this one. It’s a little more morose, melodic, and to say that it will be ‘our finest work to date’ would be a little too positive for the angle we’re going for.

The band have also overhauled their lineup with vocalist Brian Fair and guitarist Zack Wells making their exit from the band due to relocation and family. The band have, since then, added vocalist Jeff Gard to replace Fair.

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