VIDEO PREMIERE: Besra – “Pariah”

Finnish metal band Besra have premiered their new music video recently. You can check out the 11-minute short film video for their song “Pariah” below. The song is from the band’s upcoming new album Anhedonia which is due out on September 7th.

Drummer Ville Kaisla commented on the short film:

‘Pariah’ is a short film about mental and substance abuse, both of which are often viewed as to shameful to share by those who suffer from the afflictions. 10% of all employed Finns are alcoholics, and estimating the real amount is guesswork. Alcohol addiction is difficult to diagnose, because the nature of the illness and attitude towards it is peculiar in Finland. Alcohol abuse has strong psychological and social dimensions, which are often connected to mental health issues. This hell that encompasses the whole family is too difficult to be spoken about in the Finnish society.

He added:

We wanted to tell a story, which in its’ way depicts our own experiences. Melancholic music and especially metal genres depict the subject, yes, but often from a neutral or even glorified perspective. We should be able to talk about things with their real names. Admitting you have a problem to your close ones is the first step towards healing and breaking the cycle.

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