NEWS: I Killed The Prom Queen’s “When Goodbye Means Forever” Lineup To Reunite At Unify Gathering 2019

I Killed The Prom Queen have announced that they will be reuniting the members from the band’s When Goodbye Means Forever lineup to play a set at Unify Gathering 2019 to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the album. You can check out what the band have posted on their Facebook page regarding this announcement.

IKTPQ will be performing an exclusive set at UNIFY Gathering 2019, coinciding with the 15 year anniversary of “When Goodbye Means Forever”.
Mainstays Jona Weinhofen & Kevin Cameron will be again rejoined by JJ Peters, Sean Kennedy & Michael Crafter for this one-off special festival appearance.
Though not to be viewed as a reformation away from our current “Beloved” album lineup rounded out by Jamie Hope & Ben Coyte, this Unify set aims to be a fun throwback to the early years of the band focusing on material which hasn’t been performed live in well over a decade.

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