Thousand Below Debut Music Video For “Vein”

San Diego, California metalcore band Thousand Below have premiered the music video for their song “Vein” recently. You can check that out below. The song is from the band’s debut full length album The Love You Let Too Close which was released via Rise Records.

Band vocalist James DeBerg commented on the song:

The track ‘Vein‘ is the one song on the record that focuses mainly on the coping mechanism of drug abuse in my own life as well as how it affected and even defeated many people close to me. Ketamine drug abuse is ultimately what led to the suicide of my best friend.”

“Not only did drug abuse lead to the loss of my friend and harm my own life to a certain degree, but my girlfriend who was living with me at the exact time of the loss relapsed on heroin as a reaction to the suicide. [She] immediately fell out of my life that very month, which only led to the weight on my shoulders that was drug abuse affecting my loved ones.

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