I Set My Friends On Fire Premiere New Song “Don’t Take Me For Pomegranate” Ft. Lil Lotus

I Set My Friends On Fire premiered their collaboration with Lil Lotus recently. You can check out the stream for the song “Don’t Take Me For Pomegranate” below.

Guitarist/clean vocalist Nathan Blasdell commented on the collaboration:

This is one of the best writing collaborations we’ve felt we’ve ever had a band. We wrote and recorded it in my parents kitchen at at time the band was literally out of money and funding. We didn’t know if it was ever going to see the light of day, but everyone in the band really played a role in it. Everyone was on a laptop in a different part of my house working on a different part of the song.. Matt was in the family room working and editing the beat. Hector was in the dining room editing vocals all while I was in the kitchen writing and recording the guitar parts. Lil Lotus had DM’d me previously about working together and when we sent it to Lotus, he was like “I’m in LA but I fly back tonight so I’ll start working on it when I get back to Dallas”. He literally sent the file back the same night he got off the plane and we were like… this is it… He murdered it. Blessing in disguise.

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