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Who me? When designing a process for the operation of any system, the primary and most vital rule ought to at all times be: comply with the principles. Sadly, this specific rule is commonly forgotten.

Take, for instance, our reader “Lee,” the star of this week’s installment of “Who Me?”

Within the Nineteen Nineties, Lee was operating a radio station in New Zealand and was migrating the station’s inventory of commercials and options to digital storage.

Three machines, every with a detachable drive, had been put in to assist with the work. One other machine within the on-air studio additionally had a set drive. (The detachable drives had been Bernoulli containers, which had been nice and a precursor to cheaper, much less cumbersome Zip drives, however we digress.) to the system to air on the finish of the day.

Lee noticed a possible drawback, as storage drives had solely a two-line show and customers needed to choose instructions utilizing a scroll wheel. Restricted show area meant some instructions had been cryptic. He was additionally involved that the enter system meant it may be simple to select the flawed command.

Reformatting a detachable disk was profitable and regular. However Lee thought it will be fairly simple for the unwary to reformat the fastened drive, which might be dangerous.

You recognize the place that is going, proper?

To keep away from the issue, Lee instructed all manufacturing workers to by no means format a detachable drive utilizing the system within the on-air studio. Workers had been informed to solely use one of many containers within the Information or Manufacturing studios. Do not threat the fastened drive. Smart. Type of rhymes even.

Till at some point, when a shopper requested for his shiny new content material to be uploaded to the system as shortly as potential. Effectively, simply get a detachable disk with sufficient area, proper?

Lee couldn’t discover a disk with sufficient area. Effectively, he simply codecs one.

Drawback: Manufacturing and Information studios had been in use.

You possibly can actually see the place it is going now.

Lee slipped into the examine on the air, inserted a detachable gadget into Bernoulli’s field, and chosen the command to reformat. In fact, he knew in regards to the sophisticated menu system, however the warning was there for much less cautious customers, not for her. Then her coronary heart started to sink, as the method took longer than it ought to have.

Her coronary heart skipped a beat when a panicked announcer opened the studio door to announce that every one commercials for the album had been gone.

It is dangerous once you unintentionally delete firm information. It is worse once you do it since you did not comply with a clearly established protocol. It is a hell of loads worse once you designed the protocol within the first place.

When you’ve got an identical story of messing up your personal best-laid plans, please tell us with an electronic mail to Who Me? ®

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