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Attackers operating ransomware are utilizing a brand new exploit chain that features one of many ProxyNotShell vulnerabilities (CVE-2022-41082) to attain distant code execution on Microsoft Change servers. The ProxyNotShell exploit chain used CVE-2022-41040, an SSRF vulnerability within the Microsoft Change autodetection endpoint, whereas this new one makes use of CVE-2022-41080 to attain privilege escalation by way of Outlook Internet Entry (OWA). .

The exploit chain, dubbed OWASSRF by Crowdstrike researchers, can solely be prevented by implementing patches for Microsoft Change launched in November 2022.

The URL rewrite mitigations for ProxyNotShell that Microsoft shared earlier than the patches have been prepared will not be efficient towards this technique of exploitation, they are saying, and so they urge organizations unable to use the patch to quickly disable OWA.

The clues resulting in CVE-2022-41080

Researchers detected the wild exploit of CVE-2022-41082 whereas investigating Play ransomware intrusions the place the frequent entry vector was Microsoft Change.

They thought the attackers may need exploited the ProxyNotShell exploit chain, however discovered no proof of CVE-2022-41040 exploit. As a substitute, they seen POST requests made by means of the OWA endpoint.

The distinction between the 2 chains of exploitation (Supply: Crowdstrike)

In the meantime, Huntress Labs risk researcher Dray Agha managed to grab assault instruments by way of an open repository and amongst them have been a PoC script that took benefit of an unknown OWA exploit method and the CVE-2022-41082 exploit.

CrowdStrike researchers efficiently deployed the OWASSRF exploit towards unpatched Change techniques, however have been unable to duplicate the assault on patched ones. And, for the reason that November KB5019758 patch fixes a DLL hijacking flaw and a flaw whose CVSS rating is CVE-2022-41040 and has been marked as “almost definitely exploit”, they assess that “it is rather seemingly that the OWA method employed is in reality linked to CVE-2022-41080.”

CVE-2022-41080 is one among two vulnerabilities 4 researchers from Viettel Cyber ​​Safety’s 360 Noah Lab and VcsLab lately concatenated to attain RCE on Change on-premises, Change On-line, and Skype for Enterprise Server. They reported them to Microsoft, which mounted CVE-2022-41080 in November and the opposite in December.

“After preliminary entry by way of this new technique of exploitation, the risk actor leveraged reputable Plink and AnyDesk executables to take care of entry and carried out anti-forensics methods on the Microsoft Change server in an try to cover their exercise,” they concluded. Crowdstrike researchers and supplied further info. recommendation to mitigate danger and detect indicators of exploitation.

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