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With the primary season of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Energy now within the books, viewers will inevitably have some unanswered questions. the tip revealed some solutions, but additionally left a number of subjects open for additional hypothesis. These are a few of our largest Rings of Energy Season 1 questions. Watch out: spoilers forward.

Is the unusual Gandalf?

One of many large questions all through this season has been the identification of the stranger. On-line individuals speculated that it may very well be Sauron, others that he’s a wizard, and probably even Gandalf. My colleague Russell Holly has a full breakdown of theories about this bearded man crashing into Center-earth.

Within the ending, the stranger was revealed to be a wizard. Which is much less clear. Technically, Gandalf’s wizarding cohort is not speculated to be in Center Earth within the Second Age. In any case, there is a affordable argument that it may very well be Gandalf. Hanging out with the Harfoots would offer a backstory for his affinity for Hobbits. He has been sporting grey all season. And within the ending, he references a line from The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring the place Gandalf says “comply with your nostril.”

What occurs to Isildur?

Within the penultimate episode of the season, Isildur was trapped within the collapsing tavern within the Southlands after Mount Doom erupted. His pal Valandil and his father Elendil imagine he’s lifeless. In the long run, we did not get an replace, nevertheless it feels protected to say that Isildur will most likely return. In spite of everything, the tip of the Second Age and the occasions of the Third Age in Center-earth depend upon him.

What did Eärien see within the palantir?

Earlier than the king dies, he reveals the chamber the place one of many palantiri is situated. A palantir is a stone that he sees. There have been initially seven. When others have used the palantir within the Season, they’ve seen an important wave coming to wipe out Númenor. Maybe Eärien noticed the identical factor, if she determined to take an opportunity and have a look.

Will Sauron and Adar conflict?

It’s unclear precisely what the connection between the 2 is. In episode 7, Adar instructed Galadriel that he had killed Sauron, and that he did not appear too thrilled when Waldreg initially mistook him for Sauron. What we do know is that Adar and his orcs are in Mordor and Sauron has returned to the neighborhood.

What in regards to the Balrog in Khazad-Dûm?

The large reveal on the finish of episode 7 was a wide-awake Balrog hanging out far beneath that enormous mithril chamber in Khazad-Dûm. We all know that at some point within the Third Age, he’ll destroy the place, however within the present’s timeline, we do not know when that can occur.

What about the remainder of the rings?

Celebrimbor has extra forging to do!

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